Global cross-border cryptocurrency for stable payments and savings

Koinon is smashing the final barriers to simple, frictionless cryptocurrency payments for all Unbanked or Underbanked, NGO’s, Enterprises and Merchants.

1.7 B


$689 B



of underbanked with mobile phones


for Individuals

Remote work

Use KOIN to enable Cloud Commerce shop sales or Freelance fees to be received for online work. NGOs/NonProfits can use KOIN to send to refugees or staff to make supply payments or to recipients instantaneously and nearly free (approx. $0.0025 per KOIN transaction)

Stable savings

Buy and Hold KOIN as an alternative to deflationairy currencies or in markets where there is too much political or economic volatility.

Pay for products and services

Mobile Phone & Mobile Data Top Up, eLearning & Educational Course fees paid by KOIN, skills training fees, Satellite TV fees, other Utility bill payments, and in store at Point of Sale QR code payments

Fast transfer

Transfer or send payments worldwide especially in global markets where cash transfers or fees are prohibitive. Global cross border KOIN send/receive and settlements.

Fast/Secure/Stable payments and transfers and Omnichannel “take all” merchant acceptance is positioning KOINON for explosive global growth


Benefits for
NGO’s & Enterprises

Online Payments/Donations

KOIN can be used for relief or NGO/NonProfit donations where cash or local currency use for these purposes is expensive or difficult. Cloud Commerce payments using KOIN opens up new markets to the Cloud.


Import/Export fees, customs duties, online cross border settlements, staff or NGO relief payments all KOIN potential uses.

Offline Payments

Unlock a fifth of the world’s population who is taking part in the global digital economy for the very first time

Innovation and infrastructure

Cash Economies converting to Digital Payments have a 6-8% GDP growth as a direct result.


For Merchants

Credit and Debit card acceptance

OmniChannel KOINON acceptance includes Credit/Debit Cards, eWallets, Crypto eWallets Card Pin/Swipe and QR Code capable.

Mobile eWallet acceptance

Chameleon Pay KOIN Wallet acceptance via QR code, other eWallets included with OmniChannel platform as well as continue to add new eWallets as needed in the future.

Low transaction fees

0.0001 KOIN per transaction to send No Fee to receive KOIN. 1% fee to accept all other Crypto for Merchants.

Cryptocurrency acceptance

Top 10 Crypto volume coins/tokens to start along wtih KOIN acceptance. Other coins/tokens added if/when needed.


Koinon Ecosystem Development

Koinon Ecosystem includes Market Knowledge Building, Training, and Education via Manera Schoool of Technology, R&D and Project Implementations (Design, Build, Deploy, Operate) via Koinon Technology Services, Inc., and Stablecoin deployment initially across Africa via the Africa Stablecoin Initiative.


Manera School of Technology

KOINON is launching in Africa in August 2019 in partnership with DigiCash and Manera School of Technology. DigiCash is a mobile money to QR code payment system and Manera School of Technology is an accredited curriculum of on-line blockchain courses, co-developed by KOINON.

Koinon will focus on providing blockchain and cryptocurrency education for Koinon Africa ecosystem.


Africa Stablecoin

The Africa Stablecoin Initiative is formed to provide payment and asset transfer solutions for Pan African economies as a replacement for existing ineffective, unstable, and/or economies suffering from hyper inflationary currency regimes.

Stablecoins also open Africa up to online knowledge, skills, software, and tutorial purchase capability that many now do not have.

Koinon Technology Services Limited

KTSL is the technology, R&D, implementation, testing, operations delivery vehicle for all KOINON technology needed or for partnership integrations.

KTSL is deploying and operating technology systems involving KOIN via any/all KOINON projects.