A Purpose-built Virtual Asset for Payments, Remittances and Cross Border Transactions

Koinon is smashing the final barriers to simple, frictionless, cost effective and instant digital payments and transfers.

Layer 3

Any KOINON merchant, government or other enterprise user of KOINON’s payment platform, KOIN Pay.

Layer 2

KOINON does not compete with Layer 1 coins and tokens. It uses and customizes Layer 1 technology. This is how Koinon is able to solve the Blockchain Trilemma, balancing between decentralization, security, and scalability.

Layer 1

BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, CARDANO, LITECOIN and 98% of the all other coins and tokens


Designed and built to be a leading edge, global, cross border payment solution.

Enables a FinTech ecosystem that is inclusive of licensed financial institutions that are fully KYC and AML compliant.

Intentionally built and launched without an Initial Coin Offering and its associated legal issues.

125 million KOIN were produced
– no additional KOIN will ever be produced.

Koinon blockchain went live on September 20, 2018, and has had over 1 million block confirmations without incident or downtime.


INSTANT: 0.003-0.008 second per transaction – BTC 60 minutes, ETH 6 minutes, ADA 5-10 minutes.

VERY LOW COST: 0.0001 Koin ($0.0001) – BTC $20.00, ETH $30.00, ADA $0.6 per transaction.

SCALABLE: 40,000+ transactions per second – BTC 7 per second, ETH 20 per second, ADA (Cardano) 257per second, Visa 24,000 per second.

ULTRA SECURE: Koinon’s blockchain Komodo uses dPOW (delayed Proof of Work) and secures all transactions for permanent immutable and historical block storage.

NO MINING EVER: BTC consumes 0.5% of the world’s daily electricity production and 7x Google’s daily consumption.


Virtual asset investment. Instantly send and receive digital money anywhere, anytime.

B2B trade where transactions are priced in KOIN with U.S. dollar and other fiat settlement.

Digital retail, ecommerce, and omni channel Point of Sale (POS).

Inter and intra enterprise and government payment and settlement platform.

McKinsey sees Africa fintech sales surging eightfold by 2025 

Africa’s financial-technology company revenue may soar to $30.3bn by 2025 – eight times higher than in 2020 – as a growing, young and under-banked population gets more access to internet, McKinsey & Co, said…


Time per

Cost per

Scale of




40,000+ transactions per second


60 minutes


7 per second


6 minutes


20 per second


5-10 minutes


257 per second

Visa/Master Card

3-5 seconds.
Settlement to merchant 48h

2.5-4% +20-50 cent

25,000 per second


The KOIN Pay App and Payment Platform support and enable:

• Remittances
• Merchant cloud payments
• KOIN transfer, send, receive and store

• Cross border payments

Play 2 Earn sub app with in app transfer providing in game tokens and enabling P2E solutions, which creates income, especially for young people.

Learn 2 Earn sub app with in app transfer. An L2E blockchain technology education platform via the Web (paying students to master Web 3.0 technology), including a Fantasy Digital Asset Portfolio program for L2E development of virtual asset trading.

Gamers are active communities of early adopters who fully embrace virtual assets

Their exposure to Koinon and use for in-game purchases and for cashing in and out of games are expected to…

Koinon Ecosystem Development

Koinon Ecosystem includes Market Knowledge Building, Training, and Education via Manera Schoool of Technology,
R&D and Project Implementations (Design, Build, Deploy, Operate) via Koinon Technology Services, Inc.,
and Stablecoin deployment initially across Africa via the Africa Stablecoin Initiative.

The Koinon Ecosystem

  1. The blockchain and virtual asset enable an ecosystem of ventures.
  2. Designed to be both investable as a digital asset and usable.
  3. The KOINON ecosystem is and will be fully regulated and fully KYC and AML compliant.
  4. No ICO – no legacy regulatory or legal issues.
  5. Institutions can purchase and sell KOIN via SECDEX, a fully Central Bank licensed and regulated exchange in the Seychelles.
  6. Partnership with the University of Gondar (Ethiopia) – providing hardware, software and coding jobs to Computer Science students and faculty.
  7. ESG & CSR: No mining (ever) and its associated energy consumption.
    Scholarships and portfolio prizes awarded across Africa for Manera students, underwritten by Koinon and its international and regional partners.

Koinon Technology Services Inc.

KTSI is Koinon’s technology developer and services vendor

  • Pure blockchain technology services and advisory company.
  • Exists to enable enterprise and government clients to use the Koinon ecosystem for payments and transactions.
  • Advisory for blockchain options, regulations, laws, and central bank payment/digital asset switch.
  • Advisor for Central Bank Digital Assets and Sandbox projects Enterprise clients: Stablecoins/dKoin.
  • Central Bank, FSA, and U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission compliant and regulated where possible.
  • No crypto currency finance, trading, or exchange operations.
  • Planning for U.S. NASDAQ listing.