Koinon enables crypto, mobile, and card payments – all in one

Koinon is the complete solution for payments, serving the needs of both merchants and consumers. Our “OmniChannel” payment system is a single solution enabling merchants to seamlessly accept crypto, mobile, and card payments – all with a single piece of hardware. Koinon’s multi-currency eWallet and linked debit card give consumers a convenient way of making transactions and sending funds using their stored tokens.


The growth of eWallet payments has created greater complexity for merchants as they must decide which to accept, how to handle the technology add-ons required, and how to manage yet another vendor relationship. This hassle can be a deal breaker for many merchants, creating a major barrier to the growth of new payment methods.

Koinon solves this problem by enabling merchants to accept all modes of payment at point of sale (POS) with a single piece of hardware, a single installation, and user-friendly software maintained via a single relationship with Koinon. Merchants are thus able to accept card, mobile, and crypto payments via a single scanning process, with the end result that they receive local currency in their bank accounts. There’s nothing simpler.


Koinon (KOIN) Linked Debit Card

The Koinon debit card lets users access their KOIN tokens for purchases and ATM withdrawals worldwide.

Koinon eWallet

Koinon’s secure eWallet lets users store KOIN and several other prominent cryptocurrency tokens, provides crypto-to-fiat conversion, and provides zero fee KOIN transfers to other Koinon eWallet users.

Pay for Purchases in the store

Koinon eWallet holders have the option of paying with tokens at point of sale using either the debit card or QR code.


Credit & Debit Card Acceptance

Merchants using Koinon’s OmniChannel payment technology can continue accepting cards as they always have.

Mobile eWallet Acceptance

Koinon’s system enables merchants to accept all major mobile eWallets, with no additional technical effort required.

Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Merchants in the Koinon ecosystem can accept all major cryptocurrencies, either via QR code scan or crypto-linked debit card.