Koin Play / Learn to Earn

Gamers are active communities of early adopters who fully embrace virtual assets. Their exposure to Koinon and use for in-game purchases and for cashing in and out of games are expected to:

• Drive immediate and ongoing KOIN trading volume
• Generate interest in using KOIN for remittances and other P2P transactions
• Increase Koinon’s social media exposure and activity
• Enable cross marketing and e-commerce opportunities for growing KOIN active user base

Koinon is working with African Play to Earn (P2E) gaming communities to provide an in-game currency/token and means for gamers to swap to USDC or USDP and ultimately to fiat. 

Koinon’s per transaction speed (.003 to .008 second) and very low per transaction cost ($0.0001) and the early stage of KOIN’s market entry are the USPs for gamers. 

Koinon is also committed to building a Learn to Earn (L2E) game for African players to build portfolios of virtual assets to compete for scholarships and cash prizes.