For merchants today, choosing to accept an additional mode of payment means establishing and maintaining a new relationship with the payment provider, and often an additional piece of hardware sitting on the counter. This discourages adoption of new payment methods and can prevent consumers from making the purchases they want. Merchants suffer by missing out on sales when they can’t accept a willing consumer’s payment.

Koinon’s OmniChannel “take-all” system solves this problem, allowing merchants to accept all modes of payment without additional hardware or relationships. It’s the final step in allowing consumers and merchants to transact exactly how they choose to transact.



Cryptocurrency has not yet evolved to the point of being a truly viable payment option for everyday transactions. A tiny number of progressive merchants have taken the leap to accepting Bitcoin, but even for these few merchants, Bitcoin’s slow confirmation speeds and high fees make it impractical for small transactions at point of sale. So thus far it’s been easier for merchants to stick to their usual standard of accepting cards and cash.

Koinon bridges the gap between today and tomorrow, making crypto payment at point of sale a reality by making it easy for merchants. Koinon’s OmniChannel system allows them to accept crypto while continuing to do what they have always done: price products in their local currency and quickly receive payment in this currency to their bank account. If the customer chooses to pay with crypto, the cashier simply scans the QR code (the same as for mobile eWallet payments) and the merchant receives local currency in its bank account. The key is that POS employees don’t have to do anything different from what they are already doing, meaning no additional skills or training is required



Merchants typically pay 2-5% for card transactions. It’s an expensive, antiquated model. With Koinon, card fees will remain as they’ve always been, but Koinon also enables the far superior options of crypto and mobile eWallets:

  • For crypto transactions merchants pay 1% for the instant conversion to their local currency.
  • For mobile eWallet transactions, the merchant fee is 1% on average.

The bottom line is that Koinon gives merchants an easy way to accept crypto and mobile eWallets, allowing them to keep much more of their hard-earned revenue.



Koinon eWallet holders can opt to have a debit card linked to their eWallet. The card can be used for payments at merchants who accept Visa/MasterCard, and it can also be used to access cash at ATM’s throughout the world. Both of these types of transactions take place in the local currency of the merchant or ATM, with the funds coming from instant conversion of cryptocurrency held in the eWallet.

The Koinon debit card is ideal for enabling cross border remittances in which the eWallet holder provides a linked debit card to, for example, a family member in another country. Rather than paying excessive fees to send small amounts of money home via traditional transfer services, the eWallet holder can add cryptocurrency to the eWallet and allow the family member to access those funds as local currency at merchants and ATM’s as desired.



Transfer: Transfers between KOIN eWallets are free. Purchasers of KOIN in the token generation event are provided with Founder’s eWallets, which will receive additional benefits, including discounted fees on all transactions.

Save: Accumulate and securely store value by holding KOIN and other tokens in the multi-currency eWallet.

Pay: Use tokens from the eWallet to pay for purchases via QR code at point of sale.