Complete Payment Ecosystem

Koinon is created to enable a payment ecosystem, i.e. KOIN eWallet, international debit cards (VISA, MC, JCB, etc.) linked and funded by KOIN eWallets, physical Point-of-Sale (POS) and Cloud-based POS accepting KOIN eWallet payments

koinon Eco System

KOINON Chameleon Pay eWallet

Fiat to Crypto and Fiat to eWallet for remittances, QR code based merchant payments (online or offline merchants), crypto holding accounts to include user incentives paid in KOIN

KOINON Payments

Merchant Payments “take all” Omnichannel Cloud POS (offline and online merchants)

KOINON Crypto Debit Card

Crypto backed International Debit Card to function as normal international payment card but backed by crypto held in Koinon eWallet

KOINON ecosystem

Koinon Payments blockchain to facilitate cross border payments for Koinon eWallet transactions, Merchant payments, P2P, and via strategic partnership developments

1-3 Seconds KOIN Transaction times (worldwide)


Koinon blockchain payments are processed within 1-3 seconds on average

KOIN 0.0001 ($0.0025)

Near Zero Transaction Cost

Koinon blockchain transactions cost approximately USD 0.0001 cents per transaction

Why KOIN and not Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Bitcoin and Ethereum transaction times (for 6 block confirmation) average 1 hour to complete per transaction.

Bitcoin network can process 7 transactions per second.

Ethereum network can process 15 transactions per second.

Bitcoin fees per transaction can be as high as $8-$12 in equivalent bitcoin per transaction (2019 yearly high $3.91 per transaction).


High Bandwidth:

Koinon blockchain is capable of up to 44,000 concurrent transactions as of recent Komodo transaction test (Visa processes approximately 1,700 transactions per second)

Get Koin, Pay with KOIN

Use Chameleon Pay eWallet to load KOIN, Send and Receive KOIN, or Pay via QR code with KOIN.

Download Chameleon Pay eWallet, transfer KOIN, Pay with KOIN


Get an E-Wallet

Chameleon Pay eWallet is used to store and send (Pay)/receive KOIN transactions as well as to provide real time pricing and historical KOIN transaction data. It is is QR code enabled.


Fill it with Koin or any crypto

Add KOIN to your Chameleon Pay eWallet (Receive) via KOIN wallet address or via QR code.



Receive/Send KOIN from eWallet to eWallet or Pay via QR code at Point of Sale. All transactions are recorded and available in a permanent via KOIN Block Explorer. No need ever for paper receipts.

Connect your Business to Koinon payment blockchain technologies
or become our strategic partner in expanding our KOINON ecosystem.

If you are an NGO or Non Profit please contact us at [email protected]